Tax systems in Europe

Tax systems in Europe

A number of countries also consider some associations of citizens as a subject of taxation. For example, in the UK, individuals, along with citizens, include associations, partnerships, communities and unions.

Another criterion that determines the need to pay taxes on income in the country is the level of economic ties between a potential taxpayer and the state. There are two main approaches to determining the limits of the spread of tax policy.

  • The principle of territoriality is based on the objects of taxation arising on the territory of the state, regardless of the national or legal affiliation of the subjects (income received on the territory or from sources in a particular country).
  • The principle of residence is based on the taxation of objects of persons who have the status of a tax resident of a particular state, regardless of the source and place of income.
Who is considered a tax resident?

With regard to personal income tax, most EU countries use two approaches at once. They are used on the basis of the determination of the tax residence of an individual. However, the criteria by which this status is assigned are interpreted by laws in different ways.

In the countries of the European Union, the most frequent criterion is the place of physical presence. An individual acquires the status of a tax resident if, regardless of citizenship, he has actually been in the territory of this state for at least a specified period during a certain period (as a rule, 183 days a year).

The actual presence criterion is valid in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, and other countries. It is noteworthy that in Italy and Spain, in addition to this, the criterion of “center of vital interests” is also used. In Slovenia, Poland, and Portugal, both criteria are used to determine the status of an individual: “place of usual residence” and “center of vital interests”.

The categories of subjects of taxation in European countries also differ. Three approaches can be distinguished.

  1. The subject of taxation is each individual with income separately, regardless of his marital status (Italy, Austria, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia).
  2. The subject of taxation is a married couple whose income is considered as common joint income (Portugal, Luxembourg, and Malta). In Germany, Spain, Ireland, and Norway, spouses are given the right to choose between individual and joint declarations.
  3. The subject of taxation is the family, considered in the general case as a group of persons living together and leading a common household.
What income is taxed on?

In the EU countries, there are also some differences in the definition of the object of taxation, as well as the formation of the tax base.

Thus, in the Netherlands, the income of individuals is divided into three categories: professional income, income from significant participation in an organization, income from investments, and investments.

In Hungary, personal income tax is levied on income from wage labor, business, pensions, interest on deposits, dividends, and rental income.

Personal income taxation can be carried out both on a progressive and flat scale. The choice of this or that scale directly depends on the tax policy of the state and the chosen principle – “neutrality” or “fairness and equality”.

The progressive rate is set in countries such as Sweden, Portugal, France, Holland, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, and Poland.

The fixed-rate is applied in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary.

Hungary15%Including income from dividends and bank deposits.
Czech15%On income from employment and entrepreneurship – 7%.
Estonia20%Some retirement benefits are subject to 10% income tax. There are no local taxes on income.
Lithuania 20% – 32%• for income exceeding 104277.6 EUR, namely:
• for income related to employment;
• for payments to members of the council or supervisory board;
• for income earned under copyright agreements;
• for income under a civil contract.

Distribution income is taxed at a flat rate of 15%.
Self-employment income is taxed based on the amount of income earned.
Other income not mentioned above is taxed at the personal income tax rate of 15%.
A personal income tax rate of 20% applies to income exceeding EUR 148,968.
There are no local or provincial income tax rates.
Slovakia19% up to EUR 36367.76
25% for the amount over
Dividend income is taxed at a rate of 7%.
Capital gains are included in a specific tax base, which is taxed at a rate of 19%.
There are no local taxes on personal income.
SwitzerlandUp to 11.5% + cantonal ratesThe effective personal income tax rate in the canton of Geneva with an income of 6,000 CHF per month will be 12.20%, with an income of 20,000 CHF per month – 26.15%.
Latvia20.0-31.4%Up to 20004 EUR – 20.0%.
20005-62800 EUR – 23.0%.
More than 62,800 EUR – 31.4%.
Capital gains are taxed at the rate of 20.0%.
Poland18-32%Income up to 8000 PLN is not taxed.

Italy 23-43%Up to 15000 EUR – 23%.
15000-28000 EUR – 27%.
28001 – 55,000 EUR – 38%.
55001 – 75,000 EUR – 41%.
More than 75 001 EUR – 43%.
Regional taxes (rate from 0.70 to 3.33% depending on the region) and municipal taxes (rate from 0.0 to 0.9%) are added to personal income tax.
France0-45%+ 3% for the part of income that exceeds 250,000 EUR for one person;
+ 3% for the part of income that exceeds EUR 500,000 for a married couple;
+ 4% for the part of income that exceeds EUR 500,000 for one person;
+ 4% for the part of income exceeding EUR 1 million for a married couple.
+ Special social security surcharges for residents of the country – 17.2%.
Germany14-45%Up to 9407 EUR – 0%.
9408-14532 EUR – 14-24%.
14533-57051 EUR – 24-42%.
57052-270500 EUR – 42%.
More than 270,500 EUR – 45%.
+ 5.5% solidarity surcharge tax – levied as a percentage of all individual income taxes.
Church members pay church tax as a supplement to their income tax. The rate is 8-9%, depending on the location.
Spain19-45%Up to 12450 EUR – 9.5%
Up to 20200 EUR – 12.0%
Up to 35200 EUR – 15.0% 
Up to 60,000 EUR –18.5%
Over 60,000 EUR – 22.5%

Savings tax is taxed at the following rates:
• 19% on the first 6000 EUR of taxable income;
• 21% for the next EUR 6,000-50,000 of taxable income;
• 23% for any amount over 50,000 EUR.

Savings taxable income consists of:
• dividends and other income received from owning shares in companies;
• interest and other income received from the transfer of the taxpayer’s equity capital to third parties;
• capital gains received from the transfer of assets.
Slovenia16-50%Up to 8500 EUR – 16%.
8500-25000 EUR – 26%.
25000-50000 EUR – 33%.
50,000-72,000 EUR – 39%.
More than 72000 EUR – 50%.
Capital gains, interest, dividends and rental income are taxed at a flat rate of 27.5%.
United Kingdom20-45%Up to 37500 GBP – 20%.
37501-150000 GBP – 40%.
More than 150,000 GBP – 45%.
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Tax Risk Consulting

Tax advice from our experts allows you to develop a legal way to reduce taxes and risks based on using the possibilities of tax legislation, depending on the types of activities of the enterprise and business schemes.
Our specialists analyze and check the actions of the taxation system, develop a model for paying taxes, and assess possible tax consequences to minimize the client’s tax risks.

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    Audit of risks of an insurance contract

    An audit of insurance contracts is necessary as it must comply with the rules and requirements of the law.
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    Assistance in the preparation of claims

    Unfortunately, in practice, it is not uncommon for an insurance company to fail to fulfil its obligations under an insurance contract. In such cases, our specialists draw up step-by-step instructions for solving clients’ issues. Our specialists have practical experience in drawing up claims against insurance companies, in which we indicate all the illegal actions of employees of the insurance company in order to resolve the problem peacefully.

    Consulting on insurance legislation

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    International taxation

    Our experts analyze and optimize the tax implications of personal income tax in the context of international taxation.
    We advise and support clients on international tax issues, support on the transparency of international transactions, interpret and apply double tax treaties, tax diagnostics of the current structure / model to identify potential risks and develop a basic approach to the changing tax environment, etc.

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    Our experts conduct a market survey of insurance companies to provide the most relevant information to the client. Today the market is equipped with insurance companies, and the most important thing is not to make a mistake in choosing, having analyzed in detail all the advantages and possible disadvantages in order to select the most profitable option for the client.
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    Tax planning

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    Consulting on tax law issues

    If you want to assess the risks of economic activity, but are not sure of the correctness of actions or want to assess the situation as competently as possible from the point of view of tax legislation, then the best solution would be to contact us.
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    Tax legislation is multifaceted, it implies many nuances, therefore it is better to entrust this work to professionals. As a result, our experts will provide you with a solution to achieve your goal, while minimizing tax risks.

    Declaration of income

    A declaration of income is an official document in which an individual indicates the amount of income received in the reporting period and taxes withheld from it, as well as income from investment activities and other income of which tax is not withheld upon payment.
    In the declaration, you must also indicate information about your own immovable (movable) property and property provided for rent. It is better to entrust the preparation of the declaration to our professionals with knowledge and experience. We will be able to prepare a competently drawn up income statement for an individual at a professional level.

    Consulting on tax law issues outside the country

    Tax legislation provides one of the most dynamic branches of law, which requires taxpayers to constantly concentrate taxes. If we are talking about tax legislation outside the country, then it will be much more difficult without the help of a specialist.
    Our experts constantly monitor changes in tax codes of different countries, how this or that norm will be interpreted and applied by tax authorities in practice. The taxation system requires thorough knowledge and daily monitoring of changes and updates.
    Turning to our specialists for help in tax legislation outside your country, you will receive a highly qualified answer in terms of the theory of legislation and judicial practice.

    Optimization of tax charges

    Tax optimization is at the heart of tax planning. These are organizational measures that are carried out within the framework of the current legislation. Optimization of taxation involves minimizing tax payments (in the long and short term), as well as avoiding fines from the fiscal authorities.
    This is achieved through the correct calculation and timely payment of taxes.
    To achieve a result, our specialists check taxation schemes, eliminate system errors in tax accounting and ensure the required quality of documents, carry out legal tax minimization, assess risks when applying optimization schemes, etc.

    Pre-trial and judicial settlement of tax disputes

    Unstable tax legislation creates an unreasonably large number of disputes between the taxpayer and the tax authorities. Often, tax legislation changes rapidly and the client does not always understand whether the requirements and actions of the tax authorities are legitimate, whether they need to be fulfilled, or there is still an opportunity to defend their rights.
    Our expert is the person who knows exactly what rights and obligations the taxpayer, tax and law enforcement agencies have. He examines the relationship of the taxpayer with the tax authority in the context of the ratio of their mutual rights and obligations, is able to find a balance between them in a timely manner, avoiding unreasonable pressure on the client. The task of our specialist is to settle a tax dispute, help in making a decision and minimize risks for you.

    Preparation and submission of tax returns

    Preparation and submission of tax returns are some of the most difficult procedures. Filling out the report by individuals is based on information on income. Even the slightest mistake entails serious consequences – from invalidation of information and fines, criminal liability in case of knowingly submitting false information.
    Our experts provide professional services for the preparation and filing of tax returns in a short time.
    We take into account many nuances – tax regime, taxation system and other parameters. The help of experienced specialists will allow you to avoid mistakes and return documents from regulatory authorities.

    Settlement of tax disputes

    We are convinced that tax disputes can be effectively resolved.
    Despite the tax dispute, the relationship with the tax authorities must always remain professional. Our approach to resolving tax disputes is based on the unique experience of our tax team members who have handled numerous complex tax cases for our clients.
    Our specialists draw up objections to tax audit acts, and the act will provide you with full tax and legal support during the procedure.

    Refund from the budget of overpaid/collected amounts of taxes

    Many of us, at least once in our lives, have faced situations when, through our own inattention or by coincidence of other circumstances, they mistakenly paid money to the state budget or paid them in the wrong amount. It could be like state fees for the provision of any services by government agencies, fines or simple payment of utilities.
    The return of erroneous or overpaid monetary obligations is possible and our specialists will help you with this. To do this, we create and submit a correctly drawn up application for an erroneous and / or overpaid amount in which we provide overview information for the successful implementation of the procedure.

    Value added tax refund

    In all EU countries, people can return the value added tax on goods and services paid abroad.
    We take care of all the processing of the VAT refund you paid, automate the entire process and carry out the full registration of all bureaucratic formalities.

    Analysis of the contract form

    Legal analysis of the insurance contract. A qualified audit of the insurance contract and insurance rules with an indication of the “pitfalls” and a detailed explanation of all the points will help you avoid mistakes when concluding an insurance contract. We are an independent organization, and we will help protect your interests when concluding an insurance contract.